What is 4 over 8 simplified?

4 over 8 simplified means that you want 4 over 8 in its simplest term possible, keeping the same value. We will answer the "what is 4 over 8 simplified?" question a couple of different ways. As you may know, 4 over 8 is the same as the fraction 4/8, which is the same as 4 divided by 8.

To solve any problem such as 4 over 8, we first divide the numerator and denominator by their greatest common factor. Then, we have the answer if the answer is a proper fraction. If it is not a proper fraction, then we would make the improper fraction into a mixed number. Anyway, 4 over 8 simplified as much as possible is:


Like we said above, 4 over 8 is the same as 4 divided by 8 which equals 0.5. You may want to reduce and simplify that too? Here is 4 over 8 simplified (rounded) as a decimal to the nearest hundredth:


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