What does 7 figures mean?

You often hear people refer to 7 figures when talking about money. It's usually to give you an idea of the amount they are talking about without being too specific. So, how much is 7 figures? 7 figures means that the salary, wage, business, annual income, sales or whatever has an amount with 7 digits in it.

7 digits or seven figures means that the lowest amount they are talking about is 1,000,000 and the largest amount is 9,999,999. In other words, when someone says seven figures they mean an amount ranging from one million to nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine. That is 9,000,000 possible amounts!

Is the person saying the 7 figure amount in reference to how much he or she makes? If so, the person is pretty vague about the amount he or she makes.

You can do follow-up questions to narrow down the amount. Is it low 7 figures, mid 7 figures, or high 7 figures? If it is low 7 figures, then it is closer to 1,000,000. If it is high 7 figures then it is closer to 9,999,999. If it is mid 7 figures then it should be close to 5,500,000.

To get an even better understanding of what the person means by seven figures, make sure to clarify if the 7 figure amount is 7 figures weekly, 7 figures monthly, or 7 figures yearly.

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