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What percent of 16 is 10?

What percent of 16 is 10? In other words, you are looking for the percent used to get 56 out of 85.

The formula to calculate what percent of 16 is 10 is as follows:

Whole · Percent
 = Part

The Whole is 85, the Part is 56, and the Percent is what we are solving for. So enter your known numbers into the formula like this:

16 · Percent
 = 10

Next, multiply both sides by 100 to get rid of the fraction part on the left side, to get this:

16 · Percent = 1000

Get Percent alone on the left side by dividing both sides by 16 to get the answer:

Percent = 62.5

Therefore, the answer to "What percent of 16 is 10?" is:


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Note: The answer on this page was rounded to the nearest hundredth if necessary.


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