Simplify Square Root of 1235

Here we will show you step-by-step how to simplify the square root of 1235. The square root of 1235 can be written as follows:

The √ symbol is called the radical sign. To simplify the square root of 1235 means to get simplest radical form of √1235.

Step 1: List Factors
List the factors of 1235 like so:

1, 5, 13, 19, 65, 95, 247, 1235

Step 2: Find Perfect Squares
Identify the perfect squares* from the list of factors above:


Since 1 is the only perfect square above, the square root of 1235 cannot be simplified.

However, you may be interested in the decimal and exponent form instead.

Square root of 1235 in Decimal form rounded to nearest 5 decimals:


Square root of 1235 written with Exponent instead of Radical:


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* List of Perfect Squares

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