Reciprocal of 55

What is the reciprocal of 55? The reciprocal of any number is the quotient you get when you divide 1 by that number.

Thus, the reciprocal of 55 is 1 divided by 55 which is:


Also, 1 divided by a negative number will be a negative number. Therefore, the reciprocal of -55 is simply the answer above with a minus in front.

We did round the answer above to 8 digits after the decimal point if necessary. As you can expect, 55 times the reciprocal of 55 will equal 1.

Reciprocal of a Number
Here you can calculate the reciprocal of another number.

Reciprocal of 56
The reciprocal of 55 is not all we can explain and calculate. Go here for the next number we calculated the reciprocal for.

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